While reveling in the materiality of paint, I playfully celebrate femininity and sexuality. The sources for my imagery are diverse ranging from mass-produced party decor, motifs from women’s lifestyle magazines, fairy tales, and beauty supply products.

My recent paintings explore the malleability of paint by creating a tactile physical depth, which belies the flatness of a traditional canvas.  In my work, the rectangle of the canvas acts as a window and a literal support where mounds of oil paint adorn the structures surface creating sculptural forms reminiscent of reliefs.  Utilizing pastry tools as a means of mark making, piles of oil paint transform into faux icing creating immediate seduction and decoration.  Through this mode of application, paint and object become one in the same, announcing a physical presence which rivals sculpture.

The frosting-like floral arrangements, serpentine lines, and pastel colors reference elaborate ornamentations seen in Rococo motifs, while harkening back to surface embellishments one might find on traditional confectioneries.  Choice of color and curvy lines celebrate and embrace tropes of the ultra feminine.  The notion of thick impasto and viscous paint gleans much from the heroic masculine painting strategies of abstract expressionism.  This hybridity of signs and practice allows me to re-contextualize the use of traditionally domestic tools with snippets that are often tongue-in-cheek.